We offer a range of affordable and reliable services to the general public, we can provide either an in house service i.e. install new hardware and software, or you can have the work done at our workshop.  We offer a range of different services from simple installs, new PC`s, Anti virus software setups and hard drive cleans, to networking problems and reinstalling operating systems, also the many hardware upgrades that people require as time goes by, i.e. new motherboard, more RAM, new CPU etc, etc.
Our service charges range from £25 p/h no call out fee if your within a 12 mile radius.
We cannot give an accurate time scale on all of our services as every PC is different in specifications and the way it is setup.
We do offer a call out service which is for emergency and rapid response only, chargeable by £35 and £25 p/h of stay.
All our services are covered by our standard cover of warranty, and items that are installed and purchased by ourselves will be replaced under manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Hours of work are 9.30am - 6.30pm an answering machine is active at all times of the office being empty, please make sure to clearly state your name and a number where to contact you on and you can leave a brief description of your problem and someone will call you back at the most convenient time.

                 If there is anything you feel you need to know more info about please contacts us for a rapid reply.

For Our Online Support Payments click on the SERVICE BUTTON above.

Services for paying members
A brief summary of the services and free info you are entitled to when joining up with us.

Free purchase advice on all items of computer related.

Entry to the Tech Chat room for free help and advise on your current problems, times will be set as to when a tech support person will be online to help.

Advise on software and hardware installs, very brief help and advise.

Free Guides and FAQs will be posted on this site for reading and problem solving, this includes current computer related news.
Links to Bargains and Deals of all kind.

A free page will be hosted for all members and non members to sell and buy any computer related stuff they have to sell or items they need to buy.
Any new ideas and deals etc will be relayed in emails keeping customers up-to-date on issues relating to Computers, i.e. new virus alerts, new reviews of new equipment.