Firstly let me welcome you to our humble website, this is still in production and will continue to offer new ideas and new help.


We are a local company with bags of experience and enthusiasm for all our customers, we have been in the IT industry since about 1987, where we have covered nearly every field of the SUPPORT spectrum.  We have an extensive background in pretty much anything that is PC related, from installs, to problem solving, to network setup and windows solutions, we have been lucky enough to travel across the water to the USA in Detroit Michigan and have worked and lived there for a 2 year spell of which we learned and developed new skills within the IT industry.

To reach this point in our careers we felt that the local community was not getting a good enough service for there computers, we checked and priced up various options for the local public, we found that shops were charging vast amounts on work hours they did and there prices would range from 35-50 an hour, more problems were caused by the lack of any training on there engineers, a lack of understanding for novices and no friendly rapport with the client, and no one was prepared to offer a call out service without a large cash incentive, so with this we decided we could offer better workmanship and better prices and not trying to FORCE sell new computers onto people, we think we have found a great niche in the market for the public, we wont be tied down to big company contracts and want people to feel more friendly when they need to call us and not feel like just because they don't understand a PC problem it makes them less intelligent, the simple fact is that computers are growing by the year into more powerful and more demanding pieces of equipment and we need people who will sit with us and explain the problems and not throw tech jargon at them and leave them even more confused before they called, we want to branch out and develop people into USERS of their PC`s, help them to progress onto that next level of understanding their pc and how they work, for this we simply ask for your time and trust, from the very short period we have been established we have generated a vast database of good customers with problems ranging from the minor to the nightmare situations we sometimes find ourselves in with hardware, whether your young or old you should not be afraid of your PC or your various peripherals, there to serve you the best way they can, I tell the same thing to all my customers who feel ignorant to these problems, "we all started here like this" and then we progressed on with the knowledge, we hope that you will freely call us for help and be glad that someone is taking the time to care for the PC users out there who cant afford call out fees and travel miles to a service centre, or even pay that 1 a minute call help line they so frequently give us.